Youth Empowerment Trust Uganda (YETU) is a grassroots Non-Government Organisation transforming the lives of rural youth through Financial Inclusion, sexual and reproductive health Human Rights, and skilling interventions. YETU’s approach integrates service provision, capacity and advocacy strategies. YETU aims to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk populations; foster their resilience, build their capacity, and provide them with resources to overcome barriers to better livelihoods.

Our Vision

Empowered and thriving young women and girls

Our Mission

To support young women and girls with the resources, skills, and knowledge they need to thrive through service provision, capacity building and advocacy.

Our Values


YETU acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all her actions, interventions and decisions. We are good stewards of all resources in our custody.

Community Empowerment

YETU is determined to design and support interventions which empower ommunities. It’s key for the communities to start and manage their own processes for sustainability and ownership


YETU is committed to honesty and honor without compromise


Ensures the continuity and replication of all its programs in the community.

E v e r y   y e a r,  o v e r  5 3 0  l i v e s  o f  young  women, g i rls and  the c om m uni t y  a r e  t r ans f o rm e d  thr ough  our  p r o g r am s 

Why We Exist

  • 25% of teenage girls are mothers or expecting their first child at 18 years.
  • Youth unemployment stands at approximately 62%
  • 70% of the population has no access to family planning and contraceptives information
  • 3 in every 10 children has never been to school
  • 50% of Uganda’s children live in poverty
  • HIV prevalence is almost four times higher among young women aged 15 to 24 than young men of the same age.
  • In 2014, only 38.5% of young women and men aged 15-24 could correctly identify ways of preventing the sexual transmission of HIV.
  • 1 in every 3 females 24 years and below has been a victim of two forms of violence either sexual, emotional or physical violence in their lifetime