About Us

Our vision

Empowered and thriving youth

Our mission

To support youth with resources, skills and knowledge they need to thrive through service provision,capacity building and advocacy.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to initiate and support interventions aimed at empowering rural youth for sustainable improved livelihoods.

What we have accomplished

loans given out
Income generating activities started.
Health centre clients served
Community based projects implemented

Our Values


YETU acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all her actions, interventions and decisions. We will be good stewards of all resources in our custody.

Community empowerment

YETU is determined to design and support interventions which empower communities. It’s key for the communities to start and manage their own processes for sustainability and ownership.


YETU is committed to honesty and honour without compromise.


YETU ensures the continuity and replication of all its programs in the community.

Our Brief Story

YETU was founded in 2014 to train young people who presented a population with dashed dreams, dissuaded from entrepreneurial investments, majority of whom were dependent on parents, relatives and spouses.
While the interventions of the social enterprise were successful in improving the lives of over 76% of beneficiaries, the majority spent more than half of their savings on health, while others were living school for marriage alongside other challenges. In 2016, the enterprise was registered as a non-government-organization to provide holistic support to young people.