YETU Health Center Program

Promoting maternal, adolescent and child birth

Health is a basic human right that every person should enjoy without discrimination. The ability to achieve sexual and reproductive health and rights is critical for the health and well-being of all youths especially young women and adolescent girls. However, statistics estimate that 648,000 sexually active Ugandan young women aged 15–19 do not want a child. Yet, more than 60% of them have an unmet need for modern contraception. Approximately half of all pregnancies among adolescent girls ages 15–19 in Uganda are unintended, totaling an approximately 214,000 unintended pregnancies each year.

Through the program, YETU ensures that youth especially young women and adolescent girls have access to and utilise age-appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education, and sexual reproductive health services. Through collaboration with local government, stakeholders and relevant duty bearers, YETU advocates for the design and implementation or new or existing policies that support the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights for young women and adolescent girls.  

YETU also understands that community based health programs play a key role in improving health and quality of life for rural people. Thus operates a community health centre to improve health outcomes for rural communities. At the health centre, YETU ensures that communities members have access to timely, quality and affordable health services provided by skilled health personnel.