YETU Health Centre



The challenge

More than a third of Uganda’s children are malnourished while a quarter of all women within the reproductive years are anemic. 52% of the population is young and about 2 thirds of all new HIV infections are among adolescents. Other challenges are unwanted pregnancies, unmet need for family planning, STDs, and cross-generational sex. 25% of girls are pregnant or already mothers by their 18th birthday. Almost 28% of maternal deaths occur in young women aged 15 – 24 years. Skilled birth attendance in rural communities where we work is at 53%. Almost 61% of Ugandans lack access to safe water and 75% do not have access to improved sanitation facilities.

What we do

Child Health

Adolescent Reproductive health

Maternal Health

Health is a basic human right that every person should enjoy without discrimination. Community based health programs play a key role in improving health and quality of life for rural people. YETU aims to improve health outcomes for rural communities. We ensure all communities members have access to timely, quality, and affordable health services provided by skilled health personnel. All the health center operations follow a holistic, respectful, collaborative approach. The services provided at the health center include :

  • Antenatal care, Births, and Postnatal care
  • Immunization
  • Out-patient and in-patient
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Laboratory services
  • Counseling and ART
  • Family planning
  • Adolescent and child health
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Health Education and Community Outreach
  • Acupuncture and Pre-natal Yoga