Technical and Vocational Education Program

Skilling The Girl Child And Women

Rural girls and women are key agents of achieving transformational economic and social change for sustainable development but limited access to the necessary resources and opportunities are among the many challenges they face. This is further aggravated by the various social determinants and limited civic engagement. Empowering girls and women is key not only to the well-being of individuals, families and communities but also to overall economic development.

Statistics indicate that out of 100 pupils who join primary one, only 62 complete primary 5 and only 32 complete primary 7. In rural communities were girls and young women fall out of the formal education system early in life, technical and vocational education provides opportunities for them to secure dignified and fulfilling formal and informal work. YETU believes that these skills can foster youth employment and contribute to unlocking young people’s potential.

Through the program, YETU is employing strategies to strengthen vocational education, improve its quality and make it attractive and an alternative pathway to employment for young people.  The program also prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship through skills development, opening door to opportunities and providing necessary resources. This in turn contributes young people’s social, economic and civic participation.

The program builds the traditional technical and vocational skills which include; agriculture, garment making, hair dressing, plumbing, electoral engineering, catering and hotel management into better and marketable skills like agribusiness, construction, manufacturing and information, technology and communications. This is done through strategies like apprenticeship, accelerated learning programs and soft skills trainings.